2016 Overview

For the 2016 season I will again participate in two CSA shares.

This time around I will be getting two-thirds of a full share; one-third from Cure Organic Farm and the other third from 63rd Street Farm, Farm A from last season.

As I mentioned last year, my employer sets aside money to subsidize our CSA shares. This year that translated around a 20% discount with 63rd Street Farm. This is (obviously) one of my favorite perks.

I’ve put $421 into this season – breakdown below.

63rd Street Farm

I pick up the shares from 63rd Street each week and my CSA buddies grab the Cure share – we’ll trade pick ups if need be.






Overall I’m really pleased with my decision to do two-thirds of a full share. Although…. as I write this post, having just received both week 6 shares, I’m starting to realize that I’m drowning in vegetables and now might be an ideal time to break out the canning equipment I received for Christmas and my small batch canning book.