CSA 2015: First Pick Up

Red Rocks Park

The sun was out today (kinda)!

It has been raining for weeks. I miss the sun. Today we had a few hours of sunshine before the thunderstorms kicked in, today was a good day. A friend is visiting from out of town so we planned to head down to Red Rocks Park to enjoy the sunshine. As luck would have it, we were joined by another friend while walking the pup. Off we went.

Our intention was to check out the amphitheater but there was a concert setting up and we couldn’t even peak down the stairs – boo! While we were driving around looking for a trail a kind man pointed us in the direction on a short, scenic loop. I’m realizing now that we should have taken more pictures, but at least we have one 🙂

Back to veggie things. It’s week one and I’m already overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables that I’m going to be getting this year. Mid summer on a double share week is going to be slightly chaotic.

Farm B – Week 1

Red Russian Kale, Hakueri Turnips, Egyptian Walking Onions, Braising Mix, Tarragon, Easter Egg Radishes
  • Red Russian Kale
  • Hakueri Turnips
  • Egyptian Walking Onions
  • Braising Mix
  • Fresh Tarragon
  • Easter Egg Radishes

I’ve been enjoying salads again this week. It’s easy and I’ve been craving them. This morning I sauteed some of the onions, kale and braising mix, added an egg on top and baked it until the egg set. It was pretty good but next time I won’t cook the egg as long, a runny yolk would have been better. But I loved the spiciness of the greens!

The turnips (and onions) will make a nice soup, I’m considering adding some radishes to that as well… I’m not sold on that idea yet. Obviously I will continue to use the kale, braising mix, onions and radishes in salads. Maybe I’ll get more creative, likely I won’t.

Now, I’m heading back to my long weekend. I hope yours was as enjoyable as mine has been.



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