CSA 2015: Spring Harvest Event

At the beginning of the month I received an unexpected email from  Farm B announcing the date of their Spring Harvest Event.

CSA members were invited out to the farm for a sneak preview of the upcoming season and to harvest several items to take home. Awesome!

Since I won’t be working at a farm this year I tried to soak it all in. I got to trudge through the mud, pick some veggies, and I even met some sweet goats. It was great. But mostly, the farm trip got me excited for all the veggies to come. Are you getting a CSA this year?


Farm B – Week 0

Walking Onions, Radishes, Arugula, Red Russian Kale.
Walking Onions, Radishes, Arugula, Red Russian Kale.
  • Walking Onions: small bunch, 5 ct.
  • Radishes: small bunch, 7 ct.
  • Arugula: 1 small bag
  • Red Russian Kale: 1 small bag



It doesn’t look like much but I still have half of the radishes, and two walking onions. The rest went into three giant salads. One with shredded chicken, all three with canned beets. I love beets. I had been dying for fresh salad and this first batch of green goodness did not disappoint!

Getting rid of the greens was easy, which likely won’t be the case in a few weeks. I’m sure you’ve been there. I recently saw a recipe for roasted radishes, I’m going to try it and see how it goes.

Well, only 8 days until my next share. I can’t wait to see what goodies I get next time.



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