I finally got a blog.

I’ve spent months talking about setting up this blog and the day has finally come! I don’t know why today is the day, but it is.

After signing up and fiddling around with WordPress a bit I started thinking Crap, what am I gonna write about?  *slight internal panic* I think I’ll take it slow. What do I plan to write about on this blog?

  • Share my weekly CSA. What I got each week and what I do with it. I’m excited about this one; I think it will both challenge me to learn some new cooking techniques, and help me to write on a consistent basis.
  • Share projects. I have dabbled with sewing and knitting quite a bit this past year. I’ve made a few things that I’m proud, that I’d love to share.
  • Writing is cathartic. I forget this sometimes. I’m know this isn’t the case for everyone, obviously. But it is for me and I hope that writing this blog will help me get my writing confidence back. I would love to write more.
  • Whatever I want. Because I can.

Which brings me to goals, obviously I need goals.

  • Use all of my CSA each week and preserve what extra produce I can. I have been wanting to do this but have not had the opportunity. Hello, weekly content! This year I have already committed to two veggie CSA shares and will be getting a fruit share as well. I have already had the chance to get fresh veggies from one of my farms – ha! Another post already! If life allows I will also purchase a canning fruit share – we shall see.
  • Photograph and record each week’s share. I like data and I want to track what I get to see if I get my money’s worth. I have no doubt that it will be, I just want the proof.
  •  Create more. My sewjo (and knitting mojo) are MIA. I have been hoarding fabric, patterns and yarn. I have started a few projects that I have not finished. The lack of knitting mojo is more unacceptable because I hang out with a knitting group several times a month. Perhaps I should hang less and knit more. How have I not finished anything?!? I’m hoping to be able to regain my mojo and create more. Sewing wise I would like to focus on making wearable pieces. And I recently got an offer to paid to make a baby quilt. I have never been paid to sew before, so that’s exciting. I have also never made a quilt, which should be an interesting learning experience.
  • Write more. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to have started a blog. I don’t have a specific writing goal in mind other than wanting to write. I miss writing and I need to start writing more. So I shall.

– Lyndsy


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