2015: Red Wagon Organic Farm

A bi-weekly share with 12 distributions running from May – October. The reason I wanted to get this share was that I’d heard such great things about the farm, the farmer and their produce; they didn’t disappoint. I chose to do the bi-weekly share because I was afraid of being overwhelmed by vegetables. It was a good choice but there were moments of panic when I had a fridge full of produce with another share on the way.

Total cost for the season was $331.56 or $27.67 per distribution (not including week 0), plus $75.00 for the winter storage box.

This produce came from Red Wagon Organic Farm. There were several aspects of this share that I would consider ‘pros’ over Farm A in the eyes of the average consumer. First and foremost, their veggies are beautiful. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill backyard garden haul that might be misshapen or have some other visual imperfection, this is the stuff the supermarkets buy. It seems logical that this is one of the reasons that they can get away with charging so much; they’ve got a high-quality product and they know it. Realistically, this isn’t a huge deciding factor for me because I don’t need pretty food but it deserved mentioning because the average person is deterred by ‘ugly’ produce, often thinking it’s somehow lower quality.

Another ‘pro’ to this share was that most weeks you were given a choice between several items (e.g. kale vs chard, arugula or lettuce, carrots or beets or turnips, etc.). Now, I have a nagging suspicion that this option was available through 63rd Street Farm in the form of a choice between items, a trade table, or both. However, we got our shares delivered and didn’t get an option because our bags were packed for us.

Finally, Red Wagon lets you pay monthly which is not often an option in the CSA community so that’s going on the ‘pro’ list as well.

Bonus ‘pro’ – the option to purchase a winter storage box. I’m not sure if 63rd Street is thinking of doing anything like that, I might mention it them because I’m sure other folks would be interested.

Overall I’m really pleased with everything I’ve gotten from Red Wagon. If you’re willing to shell out a bit more money to get top-notch produce from an experienced farmer, this is a great option.

Below is a compilation of what a regular bi-weekly share looked like over the course of the 2015 season (minus week 3 when I was out of town). Please note, the winter storage box was not included in the total price of the share.