2015: 63rd Street Farm

23 weeks from June – November. Weekly distributions ran for 20 weeks and after the 20th week the shares switched to a bi-weekly distribution with the last share arriving on the Monday before Thanksgiving. Fresh produce the week of Thanksgiving?!? Yes, please!

The nonprofit that I work for puts a lot of effort into promoting an amazing office culture and one of the main (non-puppy related) perks is that our HR department sets aside a portion of their ‘wellness budget’ to help employees afford CSA shares. In 2015 we ordered 6 shares, 2 full and 4 half, and eight people participated. Our employer contribution covered roughly 25% of the total cost of each share; full shares went from $800 to $600 and half shares went from $450 to $325. If you and a few coworkers are interested in getting shares next year it doesn’t hurt to touch base with someone in your HR (or the appropriate) department to see if your organization would be interested in supporting their local community in this way. It can’t hurt to ask!

With my employer contribution the weekly price of shares came to $14.13 (half) or $26.09 (full) per week.

The farm we worked with is 63rd Street Farm. Amanda and the entire crew have been a pleasure to work with and we will continue to work with them in upcoming seasons. If you’re in the Boulder area and looking for a reasonably priced, all-inclusive (veggies, eggs, poultry, pork, lamb, beef, wine, milk, coffee) CSA, I highly recommend checking out 63rd Street Farm!

Below is a compilation of what a half-share looked like over the course of the 2015 season (minus weeks 10 & 16 when I was out of town).






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