2015 Overview

Red Russian Kale, Hakueri Turnips, Egyptian Walking Onions, Braising Mix, Tarragon, Easter Egg Radishes

2 farms, 23 weeks of local, seasonal produce + 5 months of locally raised chicken & pork.

This year I have signed up for two vegetable shares and one meat share from local farms through community supported agriculture (CSA) programs. In recent years CSA businesses have exploded in popularity. This is my third year as a CSA member but my first year as a full fledged, paying customer. During my first two seasons I took on work-share opportunities to significantly lower the cost of my produce. Plus I truly enjoy working in the fields. This will be the first year I do a meat share, although I’ve been longing to do one since moving to Colorado.

If you haven’t heard of CSAs I don’t know how the heck you wound up here, but welcome! You can learn more about the CSA model here. This is also a great resource for anyone looking for their own CSA!


Farm A runs for 23 weeks. Beginning Thursday, June 4 shares will be distributed weekly for 20 weeks. After the 20th week the shares will switch to a bi-weekly distribution with the last pick up on Monday, November 23. The company I work for is amazing that sets aside part of their HR budget, the “wellness budget,” to help employees afford CSA shares. Yes, I realize this amazing and I know I’m blessed to work where I do. This year we ordered six shares, two full and four half, and eight people are participating; I’m splitting one of the full shares with a coworker. The budget was able to cover roughly 20% of the total cost of each share and since I split a full share with a coworker, vs ordering my own half share, I was able to save a bit more! Which allowed me to purchase a second share from the other farm I had my eye on 🙂

I couldn't resist making a veggie rainbow! Tomatoes, assorted Peppers, Carrots, Head Lettuce, Lettuce Mix, Parsley, Eggplant, Radishes.

Farm B is a bi-weekly share beginning Thursday, May 21 and ending Thursday, October 22. The bi-weekly share seemed the best choice since I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by vegetables. As I mentioned, I have had my eye on this farm since the middle of last season. They are a bit more expensive (but not the most expensive) than other farms in the area, including Farm A. But, they’re also one of the most well renowned farms in Boulder County. At this point (early July) I’m glad with my decision to do both shares but mid-summer I might have some overwhelming weeks!

Squash: Red Kuri (2), Pie Pumpkin (1), Butternut (5), Delicata (6), Acorn (2), Spaghetti (1).

Farm C is my chicken share. There will be five monthly distributions starting in June. Each distribution will consist of one whole chicken, one package of bone-in thighs (4 ct), two packages of party wings (20 ct), two dozen eggs, and 2lbs of pork sausage. Sausage flavors are chosen upon pickup and at that time you have the option to purchase additional pork products.

Party wings (2), two dozen eggs, 2lbs sausage, whole chicken, chicken thighs.



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